UK Horse Racing is a racing advisory service which offers unique and powerful ratings for the serious racing enthusiast and bettor.

We at UK Horse Racing have been continually producing quality ratings since 1999. Our ratings are published daily for all horse racing within the British Isles.

The UK Horse Racing site has been growing in popularity for a number of reasons; there's a friendly discussion community on our forum and also those who handicap for themselves appreciate our exceptional and unique ratings as a good source of information.

How Have We Done This?

When we created UK Horse Racing the aim was to beat the handicapper. None of that nonsense of 'beating the bookie' which one sees on other sites. The bookmaker is not important; he's just a financial broker who attempts to make a balanced book. Any site which mentions 'bookie bashing' simply don't understand what they are trying to achieve.

The real target is the Official Handicapper and the other bettors who, together, help make the markets.

We're targetting the other bettors by having a small membership list to UK Horse Racing. By small, I mean numbers in low double digits. By keeping the numbers down we're keeping our methods and systems to ourselves.

We're targetting the Official Handicapper, and to some extent the racing authorities, by making one basic assumption; that everything that they are doing is wrong.

A sweeping statement, most definitely, but by making this declaration this meant that we've had to build everything from the ground upwards.

We don't use the Official Ratings at all. We don't use the commonly accepted Weight For Age tables which have been in use since time immemorial; we make our own.

Most importantly, we don't use the official race classifications; we use our own race class indicators.

This is not to say that the authorities are wrong in every aspect, it means that simply because we've assumed that they're wrong everywhere we've had to deconstruct everything in our mathematical analysis and then reconstruct all of the pieces of the racing jigsaw to produce our ratings.

And the Result?

A set of ratings which are strong, reliable, very much different and quite simply superior to anything else available on the market.

Where To Start?

It is fair to say that UK Horse Racing contains a bewildering amount of information and angles which one won't see anywhere else.

With this in mind a visit to this introductory page is recommended.

Which Systems to Follow?

Admittedly there is a bewildering array of systems and methods and even just starting off with the Mission Systems, the question of "Where Do I Start?" arises.

So what I have done is to describe exactly what I am doing; which systems I am following and to which price ranges and so on.

I am following these and nothing but what I have described in My Portfolio Page and nothing has been left out. If I am experimenting something to small stakes then I will mention it here also.

I won't claim that these are the best systems to follow and that these are the recommended ones to follow. This page is simply a description of what I am doing. Others will be doing other things but this is what I am doing and I will keep this page updated.

In other words, this has been offered as a suggestive guide as what to do if you're a newcomer to the site.


UK Horse Racing is proud to be associated with The BetEngine.

Data Analysis Tool

The Data Analysis Tool is a spreadsheet application which takes our historical data from The Archives and enables the user to find profitable angles easily.

The current version of the Data Analysis Tool requires the user to have a small amount of VBA progamming ability.

Having said that, the Data Analysis Tool, though extremely powerful is designed so that anyone with a competent knowledge of computing can, after studying simple VBA programming for between half a day and a day, be able to write their own test routines.

An example of the output from the Data Analysis Tool can be seen in this Lab Note which looks at an interesting subset of the Top-2 Flat races.

Reading the Ratings

A new project is underway which is designed to help those new to UK Horse Racing to understand how to read the ratings.

This an ongoing project and it will be updated continuously.

Class & Weight Differentials

One strong angle of our selection process are our Class Differentials.

We have written a summary of what these Differentials are, how they are calculated and, most importantly, how they can be used in selecting horses to back or lay.

The Differentials are, arguably, to date, one of the more important indicators within the ratings.

Advertising on UKHR

The rules for advertising on UKHR is quite simple; I will only accept advertisements from companies and services which I endorse.

If I am endorsing a service then members will know that I use that service and I am not endorsing it purely for the commission or advertising fees. If I use a product and like it then I will allow it to be advertised here on UK Horse Racing. If a vendor wishes me to try out their service for a number of months prior to my endorsement then please do contact me.

Bookmakers. Yes, I will accept advertisements from your good selves. Again, the members would need to know that I endorse your services and for this the criteria is simple: allow the members of UKHR bets which won't be knocked back*, adjusted to SP or accounts closed and, in return, I will post your advertisement for free.

* Obviously we can't be expect this to unrestricted entirely as it would be unreasonable. What would be reasonable would be a maximum stake of £100 or the bookmaker's liability of £1,000, whichever is the lower.