Winter All Weather Competition 2015


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 Malc    (825.   Posted 9-Mar-2009 Mon 12:40)
Usual rules which basically are:
1. One win selection per race.
2. One race a day may be napped (costing an extra point) and returns double.
3. Non-runners,withdrawals or whatever get replaced by the favourite. Joint favourites? The the jolly with the lowest cloth number.
4. If a runner is not nominated for a race then see rule 3.
5. Joining late? Then start with minus how many points it is.
6. If we miss something then Phil, Mark or myself (Malc) have the right to make up a judgement on the spot.
7. The winner is the most profitable player.
8. No entry fee. It`s for fun. The winner gets a free month on the ratings (any subscription will be returned on next payment).
9. Grand National Only: Everyone`s Grand National selection will be considered to be a free nap. Naps can still be used on one other race on the same day.
10. Any late entries (ie after the off) on the last day may not contain any napped selections.
11. If more than one meeting on any given day for any competition then a NAP is permitted at each meeting.
12. If a nap is a non-runner then the favourite in that race becomes the nap UNLESS the competitor changes the nap BEFORE the first race of the day. If the first race has run then the nap cannot be moved off that race.
13. The price used in calculating the winners is the Official SP. Rule 4 calculations are not taken into consideration.

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