The UK Horse Racing Ratings


These pages are the discussion, with examples, on how to read the ratings and what to look out for. It is expected that as better examples come along, mistakes spotted or clarifications clarified that they will be updated continually.

Therefore, if you spot anything which you think is wrong or you wish to add something then please do get in touch with us. There will be a contact eMail address at the foot of each page and you are invited to use this to get in touch with us.

The Summary Ratings

The Summary ratings come in a number of styles; the PDF document, the Word .doc document and as a CSV (comma seperated file) which is good for importing into one's databases or spreadsheets.

The Summary ratings document contains an overview of each race (usually one race per page) which is to be run that day in the British Isles. This summary is the most popular of the ratings but an eye should always be kept on the detailed ratings.

A good place to start would be this explanation of the Summary Ratings Description.

Alternatively, one can look at any of the field descriptions here.

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Reading The Ratings

The multi-million pound question; how does one read the ratings?

Reading The Ratings Case Studies

An on-going project to illustrate, with examples, how to read the ratings.

Sample Rating Files

Click here to view some sample ratings.

The UK Horse Racing Archives

We are archiving the ratings for people to examine and to develop systems and methods of their own. These are available within the Archives section.

Getting The Ratings

If you would like access to the ratings on a daily basis then a subscription will be required.