Data Analyst Tool


We have placed all of our ratings in CSV format with results within the Archive section. This is so that anyone can download our data and then investigate various angles which are worth following; for example, backing all top rated horses in GB to value is profitable after 5% Betfair tax.

The amount of data fields which one can analyse means that it is possible to make millions of possible combinations of data columns with almost countless filters. One way of analysing this data is to download the data and then use one's own spreadsheets or databases to do the work.

For those who don't wish to make their own development tool we're making one which one could use.

The tool will be continually updated.

Data Analyst Downloads

Version 2

A update to the Data Analysis Tool has been released (version 57).

Further details on the second release of the Data Analysis tool can be read here. This is still a version whch requires Microsoft Excel and some very rudimentary VBA skills, but these shouldn't be too daunting to anyone with computer literacy.

Discussion Group

There is a discussion group on Google Groups called UKHR Analysis and is available for anyone to join.

The idea of this group is to share findings from our analysis runs of the Data Analysis Tool and to put forward suggestions for the development of the Tool.