UK Horse Racing is, unfortunately, chock full of various abbreviations. Here is a list of the more commonly used abbreviations used within the site and the ratings.

A/E    -    Actual Return divided by the Expected Return.
Cls    -    A strong rating field in the ratings concerned with the horse's class ability.
DD    -    Draw Down. The largest drop from a profitable peak to a subsequent low in the profit/loss.
Frm    -    A rating modifier given to a horses' previous recent runs. Bigger is better.
HCP    -    Historical Class Performance
JC    -    Jockey & Course combination, i.e. how well this pairing do together.
Lst    -    A value given to the horse's previous race as a modifier. Bigger is better.
PNY    -    Probability of a bank going bust.
RAdj    -    Raw Adjusted rating which, basically, the Raw rating adjusted for weight and age.
TJ    -    Trainer & Jockey combination.
TJC    -    Trainer, Jockey & Course combination. How this trainer has fared at this course with this jockey.
TC    -    Trainer & Course combination.

Results Codes

A list of abbreviations of a horse's finishing position can be read in the Results Codes page.