The Advantage Columns

Why am I seeing columns with the word 'Advantage' in the CSV file?

Here's a snippet of the CSV file showing some columns with the word 'Advantage' in the title.

This is best explained with the Ratings of the same race shown.

We can see that the top rated horse, Minstrel Royal, is just over six pounds clear over the second rated, Serenity Now. And we can also see that the third rated horse is two and a half pounds behind Serenity Now.

If we look at the CSV file snippet we can see that in Column OK the top rated horse (they are always in rating order) has a value of positive 6.029, which means that this horse has an Advantage of 6.029 pounds over the rest of the runners. The next row, which will be Serenity Now, has the value of negative 6.029.

The numbers start to get smaller as we go down the race's runners. This is because these horses are rated further and further behind the top rated.

Going to the column OM we can see that the best value in this race is one belong to the third rated horse. This matches up with the Raw column of the PDF which tells us that third rated Nautical Nitwit has the best Raw value by a little over ten pounds. The fourth rated horse, Occasionally Yours, is seen to have a Raw rating twenty five pounds worse than Nautical Nitwit's.

The positive Advantage figures for the first few columns are marked by yellow boxes on the CSV snippet and it's easy to see how these correspond to the underscores on the PDF file.

And that's all that the Advantage figures show: how far ahead/behind a horse's value has in a certain field compared to the rest of the runners'.