The BetEngine Feeds

How does one insert The BetEngine (TBE) Feeds into The BetEngine?

To load a system file, just follow these instructions:

1. Download The BetEngine csv file from the Members area and store it in a known folder on your PC.

2. Ensure the tab that you want to load the file into is set up for manual operation - i.e. the Selection Type is set to Manual on the Ranking tab. This tab can be found in the bottom right section of the TBE in the Betting Criteria section after the Horses tab is selected.

3. Click on the Load button under the Runners grid. This is to be found in the Today's Runners section of the TBE in the bottom left hand corner.

. Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded csv file and click on Open.


Please be aware that you to are to save the csv file in Step 1 and not to open it. If you open it and then save it then what happens is that (if you have MS Excel on your machine) that the .csv file will be mangled by Excel. Therefore it is imperative that you save the file directly from your browser and not save it after opening it.

TBE will remember the folder that it loaded the file from and will default to that folder the next time you go to load a file into that betting tab.

Note - some files contain value prices. If you want to take the value prices into consideration when betting, then you should also ensure that you have turned on Overrides in Settings/General (from the main menu bar). In fact, turn on Overrides and Advanced Overrides. Overrides are so called, as they override the general betting criteria for an individual horse. We recommend that both of these options are turned on.

If you plan to load two, or more, systems in one tab then before loading the subsequent systems make sure that the keyboard's Shift key is pressed before clicking on the Load button in step 3 above.