Bookmakers' Tracking Software - ieSnare

This page has been updated in November 2018 because it's clear that some bookmakers are still using iesnare to track customers. Without going into the whys and wherefores of iesnare it's just best to stop it working.

And if you think that because you're using Firefox then this won't apply (because it's not Internet Explorer) then you will be mistaken. I would suggesting using Firefox with Privacy Badger and the AdBlock Origin add-ons as well.

The easiest way to stop this working is to insert the following into your HOSTS file on your computer.

# Bookmakers` tracking accountlock-demo.iovation.com admin.iesnare.co.uk admin.iesnare.com admin.iovation.com bam-pilot.iovation.com batch.iovation.com ci-accountlock.iovation.com ci-admin.iovation.com ci-mpsnare.iesnare.co.uk ci-mpsnare.iesnare.com ci-mpsnare.iovation.com ci-snare.iovation.com dra.iesnare.com dv-fw-a-nat.iovation.com iesnare.co.uk iesnare.com impsnare.iesnare.com ioit.iovation.com iovation.co.uk mpsnare.iesnare.co.uk mpsnare.iesnare.com mx.iesnare.com mx.iovation.com p.iovation.com rm-admin-demo.iovation.com snare.iesnare.com soap.iovation.com test.iovation.com testgw.iovation.com www.admin.iesnare.co.uk www.admin.iesnare.com www.ci-mpsnare.iesnare.co.uk www.ci-mpsnare.iesnare.com www.iesnare.co.uk www.iesnare.com www.iovation.co.uk www.iovation.com www.mpsnare.iesnare.co.uk www.mpsnare.iesnare.com

updated 22nd November, 2018

WARNING: Do not mess with the HOSTS file if you don't know what you are doing.

Your HOSTS file is simply called 'Hosts' and has no extension and lives in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder and can be edited with the Notepad text editor.

If you wish to look at my HOSTS file, then you can download it here. Note that this one blocks out lots of other sites including Facebook, advert slingers (which can be hacked to become malware slingers), known malware and tracking sites.

For more information on ieSnare, a Google Search will give more information.