Lab Notes

All Lst Underscores, 2006-2009

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This lab report investigates all the Lst Underscores (Latest Run Form) from 2006 until September 2009. Again rather than a lab note with the data displayed this note takes the form of two file downloads.

The first file is for those with Excel 2007. The second is the same data but in two CSV files which can be read by any spreadsheet. The reason why these have been split into two files is that so each file can be inserted into any spreadsheet or used as a data source for any application.

All prices are to Holmes' pseudo BFSP which tend to be more pessimistic than the real BFSP.


Item One. (Excel 2007) (8.4MB). Please note that Excel 2007 is required.

Item Two. (CSV files) Ideal for any spreadsheet or application. (1.75 MB).