Lab Notes

TEMPORARY PAGE: Underscore Analysis - February 24th, 2009

This is a temporary page which just gives the link to a zip file produced by Holmes.

This zip file contains twelve reports, one for each underscore field. The report also shows, at the end, what happens if it's backed with another underscore field.

This page is temporary until the replacement sheets are posted and, therefore, is posted 'as is'. No prior analysis has been done on this data but because of the interest shown in this subject this has been posted right away.

Individual Underscore Excel Files

As we are building spreadsheets to analyse these sole underscores they will be posted here are they are created.

RawAdj course/country and SP
Lst course/country and SP

Companion Underscores Excel Files

Both ffJohn and NickS have worked on a matrix ahowing how a pair of underscores may work together. This Excel sheet by NickS sows just this.