Roger Lay-1 - A Laying System

This system uses the UK Horse Racing ratings. The Summary ratings will suffice.

We have changed the code for the Roger-1 lays. These rules replace the previous "lay the favourite outside the top three rated horses".

The new rules are as follows:

1. Flat and All-Weather racing. Lay any favourite outside the top 16% of rated horses AND which hasn't run for 46 days or more. For the last point; make sure that the number of days on the ratings is either less than -45 or more than +45.
2. National Hunt Racing. Lay any favourite outside the top 30% of rated horses.

This updated version of the Roger-1 lays has been done because these filters provide a large increase in profitability. The expected increase in profitability is from an average of 6% per race to 15%.

An account with one of the exchanges is required to lay horses.

A good angle with these is to find the Roger-1 Lays which have a Class&Weight Differential of less than -10 and also with a negative Last Class Drop (in other words, going up in Class). This ought to provide a steady profit.