UK Horse Racing's Data Analyst Tool

Importing a Class

Sometimes there is a need to import classes into the Data Analysis Tool (DA Tool). This could be because someone has kindly given you a class to look at or there is a new version of the tool out and you have exported your own classes that you'v eworked on and you want to bring them into the new version.

The fiddliest part is messing about with the Import mechanism and, invariably, it goes wrong. But the simplest way is to drag and drop the class where it will end up in the Class Modules section of the project. The project being the Excel workbook that is the DA Tool.


  1. If the class file arrived by eMail then save it somewhere on your machine from the message
  2. Open up the IDE and the Windows File Explorer
  3. In File Explorer find the .cls fle and position the two windows so that you can see the Project Tree within in the IDE and the file that I have sent
  4. Drag and Drop the file from File Explorer into the Project tree
  5. The class now appears in the Class Modules section of the project

As they say a picture paints a thousand words. Usuailly in my case it raises a thousand questions, but this is an example of me doing just this.

In this example, I am importing the file named clsTopRatedHurdle.cls from my C:\_Temp folder to the DA Tool.

Of course, to make things even more confusing the screen grabber decided not to show the cursor dragging the file but you will have to imagine the file that's selected being dropped into the Project tree in the upper left.

Note that I have the file extensions turned on in my File Explorer. It is recommended that you do likewise as there is no good reason not to have these enabled.