UK Horse Racing's Data Analyst Tool

Running The Data Analyst Tool

In the .zip file containing the two text files. One is DataFilePath.txt and the second is OutputPath.txt. These two files contain the locations of where the data files are read from and where the reports are posted. These two files need to be edited by the user.

The data files are the CSV Result files which we post each month and these should be unzipped and altogether within the same folder.

There are two check boxes. Clearing the 'Back' checkbox will make a laying report and clicking the 'Place Analysis' checkbox will have a second sweep through the run to look at the place backing.

The Report

When the analysis has finished, three files are created in the Output Folder, the ones definied in OutputPath.txt.

The largest file will be a large CSV file containing all the selections which fit the selection criteria. the smaller CSV file is a breakdown, by month, of the profit and loss per month; the idea of this is that users can see how smooth or volatile the system is and/or which monts are generally worth exploring.

The third text file is the all important text file and this is what most people will want to look for in the report.

Report Updates

The report is being constantly updated all the time to add new features. For example if a run was engineered so that there were to be only Chases to be examined then only Chases would appear in the report to save time and space.

Since version 2.12 two more columns have been added. These are the largest Draw-Down to level stakes.