Koulds' Scoring


For an explanation on what some of these terms mean here in the Koulds' Scoring system please look at the Sire & Dam Statistics page first.

It must be stressed that this isn't a selection system but rather an indication of where futher to look in a race.


The scoring system is quite simple. There are nine Sire & Dam fields for either of the Sire and Dam side of the horse, making eighteen fields in total.

If a horse has a positive profitable sire or dam in any of these fields then a point is scored for each. In theory is it possible for every horse to have a maximum of eighteen points from this part of the analysis, though this is most unlikely for any horse to gather a clean sweep across the board.

Furthermore, if a horse's sire or dam is the most profitable in that field for that race than an extra point is given. Therefore a maximum of thirty-six points could be distributed between the horses.

The list of these Koulds' Scores are given in the Members Area and can be a useful aid in finding something in a race, particularly one where there's little form.

A Backing System

However, one system that has been developed from the Koulds Scoring system is the Koulds Dam system. This system is unusual because normally most of the breeding attention is given to the sire's side of things.

However, we found a rather interesting angle to be found on the dam side. This system does find some high priced winners and have long losing runs but the overally trend is favourable for the patient.

Furthermore, an interesting discovery has been made regarding the Koulds Scores in maiden races.