Kaceot-4 Details

The Kaceot-4 system is what one could describe as a 'Dynamic System' as the exact selection criteria changes each month.

The Kaceot-4 system looks at Positive 5 Year Class Differential horses that are rated in the Top-2 which are running today at Profitable Courses.


The first stage is to determine the Profitable Courses for the Kaceot-4. To do this we look at the corresponding month for the five previous years.

For example, assume that the current month is May 2015 then we look at the courses during the months of May in the years 2010 to 2014 only.

For those months only we look at each race type (excluding the National Hunt Flat) and see how all of the Positive 5 Year Class Differential horses in the Top-2 of the ratings have done.

If these are profitable then these will be selected.

For example, if one looks at Newmarket, which is flat, for the month of May in the years 2010-2014 then these have returned a profit of over 10% (after 5% commission charges). Therefore for May 2015 any Top-2 horses with positive Class Differential running at Newmarket will be selected.

Goodwood is another flat course but the history of Top-2 runners with positive Class Differential there in the last five months of May hasn't returned 10% profit so there won't be any selections on the Sussex course in 2015.

This will illustrate how the criteria will change from month to month as at the month end the courses will be replaced by other courses.