Koulds Dam Details

This system is another of my favourites. Not just because it runs to a good profit but also it takes advantage of our bloodstock analysis, particularly the Koulds Score.

Basically, if a runner today has a good Koulds Score on its dam's side then it's selected. The rules are rather complicated as not every race type or horse can be considered before the dam side analysis is entered into.

The best price range for these appear to be between 1.8 and 99.0 on the exchanges.


WARNING: Headache inducing stuff approaching...

Primary Requirements

All of these three primary requirements first have to be met.
Top-7 Rated
Positive 5 Year Class & Differential
Ranked TrForm rating.

Secondary Requirements

If the horse passes the above then we have to look into the second stage of filters:

The horse must have a David-1 flag or have a Five Year Class Differential of 5.0 or higher.
If the horse doesn't qualify by the above clause then it may qualify on race type, below.

  Ranked RAdj and Ranked HCP, or
  Ranked RAdj and Ranked Lst

  Underscore HCP, or
  Ranked RAdj

  Handicap race, or
  Profitable 1 Year Class & Weight Differential, or
  Ranked RAdj and Ranked Jockey

If, further, the Race Type is All Weather then if the TrForm is 140, or higher, then the horse is rejected.

Tertiary Requirements

If the horse has passed the first two stages then it has to go through the Koulds Scoring and the Sire/Dam underscore counts.

A quick reminder. A horse gets an underscore in the Sire/Dam tables if the horse's sire/dam has had more than 75 runners, is profitable and displays an A/E value of 1.1 or higher.

More details on this can be read here on the Sire & Dam Statistics page.

A horse gets a Koulds Score point for the following. First one point is given for being underscored as desribed above and a further point may be scored if the profit for the Sire/Dam for that field (Going, Distance, Class etc.) is the highest in the race.

For this third phase two counts are being tracked here. One is the number of underscores and one is the number of Koulds Score points.

Using the below table we collect the points from the Dam side of the Sire/Dam tables.

FieldUnderscoreKoulds Score
Race TypeYesNo
Going & DistanceYesNo
Distance RangeYesYes
Going AdjacentYesYes

Quaternary Requirements

If the horse has a Koulds Score of 5 or more and a Underscore count of 4 or more then it's a selection.

The recommended price range for these Koulds Dam selections is between 1.8 and 99.0 on the exchanges.

Koulds-Dam: Jan 2013 to April 2015
Level stakes, £100 bank, 5% Commission
Blue Line: Normal selections, Red Line: Value selections

Koulds-Dam: Propoortional stakes: Jan 2013 to April 2015
1% stakes, £100 bank, 5% Commission, max Stake £100
Blue Line: Normal selections, Red Line: Value selections

Runs: 3,866
Wins: 884
Level Stakes Profit: 687
Strike Rate: 22.9%
ROI: 17.8%
Jan 2013 to April 2015
Level stakes, 5% Commission

...and I get to use the word 'Quaternary' too!
A shame I have never got to use 'Quinary' as I don't think that I shall ever.