Mission-10d Details

This is a variant of the Mission-10 system which essentially looks at positive 5 Year Class Differential horses within the top seven positions of the ratings.

This system looks splits the UK into two groups: Great Britain and then Ireland and look at the racing within each region. Great Britain, or strictly England at the moment, for example, looks at the All Weather entries with a 'p' alarm whilst over in Ireland, i.e. Dundalk, there are no all-weather selections.

The flat racing looks at the 1 year class differential rather than the five due to the general longevity of the flat runners but for these we're only looking into the top three rated of non-handicap races. The flat and chase are as before: no chases in Ireland and only novice chasers in Great Britain and for hurdles we're tending to look for low quality racing.

The draw down with this version is a little kinder than the Mission-10 and this should be seen as a replacement for it.

Mission-10d: Jan 2009 to June 2014
1% stakes, £100 start bank, 5% Commission, max Stake £100

Runs: 7,383
Wins: 2,358
Level Stakes Profit: 1,181
Strike Rate: 31.9%
ROI: 16.0%