Systems Summary


When one logs into the members area there are a whole number of different selection systems available. This page is designed to give an overview of the systems available.

For more information on the systems that I am personally following please look at My Portfolios.

This page is going to take some writing, so it will be updated continually over the next few weeks.

The Systems

Koulds Dam

This system looks at the Dam side of the horses running today to determine whether there's any horses running which have good Koulds Scores on the Dam side and which futher match a number of criteria based on the race and/or the horse itself.

This system has been recently modified to look only within the Top-7 rated horses in a race.

Furthermore the recommended price range for these is between 1.8 and 99.0 on the exchanges.


This is without doubt one of my favourite systems.

The main two components of this systems are that the selections must come from the Top-7 in the ratings and that the selection must have the best positive 5 Year Class Differential in the race.

This has a nice steady return with few large drops and if I ever were to nominate just one system to follow then this one would be it.


This is another slow-ish system but another which I follow. It's similar to systems such as the Mission-10 that it's based on the Class Differentials but this is GB based only.

All race types other than National Hunt Flat racing is included in this system so it ticks over all year long.

There's nothing wrong with this one and it's running nicely as a part of my portfolios.

Kaceot 1 & 4

The Kaceot-1 takes into account courses where the Top-2 rated have performed with credit during the same month for the previous five years.

The Kaceot-4 looks at courses within the Top-2 rated and within the same race type as today that performed with credit during the same month for the previous five years. The Kaceot-4 selections also have to perform with positive 5 Year Class Differentials.

For example, I am writing this in April 2015. To calculate the Kaceot-1 selections the Top-2 rated horses for each course are looked at for April over the years from 2010 to 2014. Some courses, such as Ascot are not only profitable but have an acceptable strike rate and return and then these are put forward for Kaceot-1 selections for April 2015.

This may feel strange but it's surprising how the same courses pop up time and time again for being constantly good in the ratings.

Top Rated At Various Courses

Following on from the Kaceot selections theme one may ask if there any courses which one just follow all the year around?

The answer is yes. There are three courses which stand out for top rated horses and they are Bangor-On-Dee, Windsor and Wolverhampton.

Just backing the top rated to Betfair SP at these courses have brought profits for each of the five last years. Some of the prices available for the top rated at Wolverhampton have been fantastic too: we've had winners at 172 and, more recently, 64s.

Other courses are also long term profitable, such as Kempton Park, even though they may not be profitable every year but they still are worth following. This system simply lists all the top rated worth following because they're running at the correct course.

Every member should be backing the top rated at Bangor-On-Dee, Windsor and Wolverhampton in any case.