Systems List

As one could imagine with a project of the size and detail of UK Horse Racing there are numerous flags and indicators that could be given to any horse or race.

To help with the production of the ratings a Systems List was generated for internal use which helped reduce the time required to produce the ratings. This was in use for a couple of years purely internally until, one day, its existence was mentioned in passing.

Of course it didn't take long for the members to realise that they could use the same list and so a CSV file containing the information was requested and its been available for download every day since then.

There are over one hundred columns in the CSV file, one for each system, alarm or point of interest that could be ascribed to a horse and the list of these columns are continually growing. An image of corner of the CSV file is shown below.

As to how members use this data varies.

Some will use it for a direct feed into their own bots and others will use it for further research purposes as it will be easy to make conditional filters on the data. Whatever the individual's purpose for downloading the Systems List each day it certainly is popular.

The Systems List is available each evening within the Information & Statistics section of the Members' Area.